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If you are looking for a video cloud service or video platform for business, POLYV is the one that fits you most.

Established by Guangzhou Easyfun Information Technology in 2012, POLYV has been focusing on video solutions for online education and enterprise. Over the years, POLYV has developed a series of CDN in order to provide smooth, high-quality playback experience, and increase the stability and reliability of the video platform.

Also, POLYV owns the patented PlaySafe® Ecosystem, which includes various methods of encryption, Rights Access Management (RAM) and Digital Rights Management (DRM), protecting your content from being pirated and helping you securely deliver your content with no concern.

With the leading-edge video technologies, and serving the needs from the clients, POLYV gains lots of reputation in the industry, steadily growing into one of China’s largest video platform for business.

Currently POLYV serves over 40,000 corporations and organizations across the world, including domestic clients like CCTV, SF Express, Peking University, Xingshuai Education, DJI, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank) and MedCare, as well as international corporations and organizations like Dell, Oracle, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances (BSH), Fujifilm, NIO electric car, A. O. Smith, Colgate, J. D. Power and Linkedin.


POLYV provides Video Cloud for video hosting, online classroom, corporate training and branding; Streaming Cloud for livestream, event broadcast and other business use. Besides, POLYV provides extensive, customizable cloud services, including Classroom Cloud and Private Cloud, to fulfill the demands for specific scenarios or industries.

POLYV – Your stable, safe, speedy video platform for business.

If you have any need for online video service, feel free to leave your message down below and we’ll contact you right away.

The first live mini program that supports video interaction is launched

Last few days,Chinese Mobile Internet turned the corner as the first live mini program which supported video interaction had been launched ceremoniously by POLYV.Based on mini program,the live service provider,POLYV,has researched abundant functions like voice chat,video chat,quiz,documentation and brush tool.Integrating innovation of live and mini program is absolutely valuable for corporate training and Li Yi.

The first try in the meeting

Li Yi is the director of sales in a big company located in Beijing,who is in charge of several teams involved Beijing ,Shanghai,Hangzhou,Nanjing,Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

On the beginning of 2018,Li Yi trained sales managers promoting newly from different regions by live.Once he went out for business and asked the leader of Shanghai to teach a few lessons for him.Li entered the online classroom by his mobile to see if the lecture went well.It turned out,to his surprise,that he could only type on the chatting room rather than speaking,which made him feel very inconvenient.

The launch of live mini program made him very exciting.He could hardly wait to experience it.And he did,right after the following sales meeting among several region directors.

In case of other colleagues or netizens disrupted the meeting,Li Yi authorized attendees by using identification functions.Others would fail to participate. What attendees need to do was turning on the wechat mini programme and connecting to each other by voice and video chat functions.Li’s meeting lasted for about an hour and it was really fluent beyond his expectation.

“It surprises me that this product even supports PowerPoint  presentations.Believe me,it suits the general need of online meeting.”Li said.

“The second half”of corporate training

The combine of live and mini program is a supplementary terminal of online corporate training.It brings convenience for users to meet corporate cost reduction and efficiency requirements.

Li firmly believed that it could quite easily be turned into something more useful and ordinary on the corporate training in the future.

We all know that mini program does not require installation or register.Wechat users are gradually getting used to it quite quickly.According to iResearch website,the number of users of mini program had only 2 million when it was released on January 9th,2017.Just a year passed,this number had increased to nearly 0.4 billion with very high frequency daily.Someone even believe that it would replace APP.After all,it has a large user group.

We could consider that what mini program is capable of with live stream.One of the key scenarios where it can apply,is for online meeting.There is plenty of reasons to believe it is quite user-friendly.

In the near future,when developers get access to 5G and AI,we believe a more mature product will come out and live mini program will overturn the old online training system.

Now POLYV’s live mini program is free to everyone,if you want to give it a try,please contact us.

【case】the summit of MORKETING 2018 held in Shenzhen


Recently,the second annual of  cross-border electric business marketing summit on the subject of “the road to branding”has been held in Shenzhen,China.The organizer cooperated with POLYV,the biggest live service provider in China,to advance advocacy by live broadcast.



Since around 2008,many enterprises in China joined in electric business industry for its economic opportunities.Things get competitive as thousands of newcomers appear every year.To gain a foothold in the industry and find a better way of long-term development,focusing on product branding strategy has been a necessary trip for those enterprises.

What period of business is the best time to launch the brand marketing?

What is the effect of marketing strategy as we have to face declining orders in the first and second quarter of this year?

How to maximize network traffic by marketing?

Those questions were all electric business enterprise concerned about.Relevant persons in charge from big electric business enterprises,marketing service orgazitions,main network media platforms of overseas,the third-side supervision institutions and advertising medias at home and abroad,had been sharing their own viewpoint on the summit.


There was prolonged applause for the sharing of branding strategy from those special guests.Thousands of audience who did not come to the summit watched the live provided by POLYV,supporting all terminals like computer,iPad and phone.It was easy for audience online to go inside only if they open live links, without downloading any plug-in and they just watch.

As the organizer,you could also embed live play links into social platforms like we-chat public account and share them to circles of friend for promotion.

Now more and more enterprises choose to cooperate with POLYV by live in the scenario of press statement,release of new products,summit and so on.We have served over 53,000 organizations in China and abroad,and stimulated great experience in various industries.If you have any needs,please contact us.

Aim to run“Haier brothers”IP to extensive company culture,Haier cooperates with POLYV


Along with the acceleration of the pace of economic integration,Haier,born in 1984,has a market advantage of the brand of major household appliances globally.People regard it as the representative of Chinese enterprises that successfully go global.

Why Haier could stand out at the market in the active competition?Its branding and marketing techniques gave a lot of help.And so much of the implantation of international brand strategy was tied up in its animation known around worldwide–Haier Brothers that took Haier Group to the top of its businesses.


Zhang Ruimin,the chairman of Haier Group,intended to invest a animation suitable for both young and old,whose ambition was to improve the enterprise image.It was not long that Haier Brothers came up to him and the animation became popular unexpectedly as it being promoted out.Since then,Haier Brothers has been accompanied by it,become an important part of Haier.

To be sure,Haier brothers brought huge brand value for the Group.More than two decades on,they come out with the second part of the animation.This time,Haier extensives cooperation with a video cloud service provider,POLYV,to advance together and recreate brilliance of this IP with the help of professional video technology.

Before accessing to POLYV,Haier brothers II played on its own servers,facing problems like poor effect of watching and few video functions.To make a better watching experience,it started to select,compare and debug a appropriate video service platform to satisfy its needs including video uploading,transcoding,storage,distributing,encryption and management. POLYV is exactly what it looks for.


1、More stable and higher definition

Normally,when the picture is frozen and switch to standard or fluent resolution,the video definition will decrease,affecting watching experience.The  technical solution that POLYV implements is handling service depolyment of public cloud,scheduling over 1,100 CDN(content delivery network) around the world accurately to ensure data speed and stability.
For higher definition and lower cost,POLYV has researched a video code technology for Haier,which can reduce the cost of bandwidth on the premise of promoting the best definition.

2、Better cloud security

In fact, cloud security is what Haier concerns most.POLYV presents cloud security as a feature of its cloud offerings as it owns a patented technology in video encryption.Every episode of Haier Brothers will be cut into pieces and every piece will take different specify encryption algorithm.Combine with ciphers researched by POLYV, the encryption mix will apply to the key data and protect the video from copyright theft.

3、Better SDK integration of Haier and POLYV

The POLYV SDK is a powerful,flexible and easy-to-use toolkit for interfacing directly with Haier’s APP.It forms a bond with both sides which contributes to
execute project work plan.

4、Adaptive landscape of APP 2.0

For audience,it is best watched in landscape mode with their mobile.And POLYV has demonstrated that it is possible in the short time to solve the problem of adaptive landscape.

5、24-hour service for Haier

POLYV are committed to a 24-hour service and strives to maintain smooth play of the animation. There is no doubt that this will further help to build good relations of cooperation between Haier and POLYV.

We all know that the animation is the most important channel for Haier’s business culture in terms of communication.A good experience of watching is vital.And this solution is designed for video play which leaves a good impression on Haier.POLYV are here to provide enterprises like Haier with professional service and quality products,helping it spread the cultural values.

How to advance corporate training effectively in China?(二)

Corporate training is the common way to improve employees’ ability and enhance its competitiveness.As developing technologies make commercial culture more organized and enlightened,businesses that firmly carry out the reform and innovation of traditional training mode could have high efficiency and generate long-term cost savings.

Believe it or not,POLYV’s live class is exactly what they need. It is more than a live tool.Given the intelligence nature of this product and its big data analysis, it is tailored to suit your specific needs for corporate training.

Last week we had showed you some characteristics of live class.Now we will walk through more in detail in an upcoming section.

live class client


What live class can bring is not just solve the cost of different places training,but provide “human interaction”to active class atmosphere and stimulate employees interest in learning,which includes bullet screen,tipping via QR code,voice and video chat,red envelope lucky draw and thumbs-up.

Here I would like to focuse on an introduction of voice and video chat.With days of research,some unstable problems have been cracked and live class allows at most six employees to have a voice and video chat with the trainer at the same time currently.We know it seems inconceivable but we have made it come ture that the number of online general audience have no limits.

Powerful data system

For employees,they may be tested during the online study to assess the quality of the training on the course. Except that,there is another way to evaluate the effect–by POLYV’s data system.You are in possession of certain information of every empolyee through it,like the time that they have spent online.

Video playback

Start the function of video recording before live and you can get high definition playback.Clearly,we should maximise the value of internet-based training resources and bring them into full play.

Multi-terminal watching

POLYV’s online training support system for employees are able to provide adaptive ways of watching live.It supports for all major browsers and popular operating systems like Windows and Mac.As live class has gained more and more features and increased stability,it is hardly surprising that Android and Apple phones are both supported.

From the point of macroscopic view,live class are benefit to have high efficiency and make superior resource allocation.It is a step up,creating flexible spaces for you to process corporate training in China.This tool is admirable by companies like SIEMENS for the role it plays in transformation and upgrading of traditional training.

So why not contact us,use it and find out its real power?

How to advance corporate training effectively in China?(一)

Since the era of mobile internet access, developing technologies like 5G network,4K/8K HD are promoting extreme HD,fluency and fast video cloud to come to reality.As Chinese biggest video cloud platform,POLYV keeps updating its product to fit users with these new technology.Recently,live class that POLYV releases has become the meat and potatoes of corporate training.


Traditional corporate training



New pattern of corporate training–POLYV live class


two teacherstraining mode

As the name would suggests,it is a function whose substance is a cooperation between teachers and teaching assistants.Unlike the previous training class,they are both on the line.The character of teaching assistants is more than just urging staff to follow the rules of class and manage the online chat room.Their main tasks are giving staff instant feedback and solving their questions to proceed the class.Sometimes they can help to provide assistance to organize test and analyse the effect of the training and examination.

This function has got great feedback from POLYV’s users like Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.It has set up a kind of easy to operation for corporate training.You can even launch “three or four teachers”training mode for producing better training results.

Video content safeguard machanism

Corporate training content sometimes are involved with sensitive business secrets which live service provider needs to deal with.Considering corporate’s worries and benefits,POLYV has researched a video copyright protection system called PlaySafe,with all of its proprietary intellectual property. And recently,a technology that can prevent outlaws from recording intelligently has been released.


Video process flow


Is that possible to differentiate among staff and external visitors before corporate training begins?

The answer is YES.It has a specified terms,video play authority. You might add your staff to whitelist so that they can watch live directly.Choosing code as a verification for entering live class is also supported.You could also make your staff registered or set custom authorities as you like.

Thanks for your reading.Sign up our website and test POLYV’s live product,we promise to provide the best service to you.In the following artical,we will find more benefical functions for advancing coporate training in China.

The “debut” of POLYV on the FIFA World Cup


The 2018 FIFA World Cup is hosting in Russia,which won 5-0 to Saudi Arabia on the kickoff game and recorded their second win with 3-1 against Egypt.And they progressed to the World Cup knockout stages luckily.Congratulations to the host!

People are tuning in at home or bars to watch this grand international football tournament.No doubt it has been a topic of conversation around every corner of the world.


Luzhniki stadium

Now here is the good news:during the Russia World Cup,it is free to watch 64 football matches with CCTV mobile client.People may feel regrets for missing the football match,having the matter not to be able to stand in front of TV on time.But now,watching live on your mobiles is nothing new. CCTV,the specified live platform as living the World Cup football games officially in China,are devoting to offer a good sense of visual sound experience with high and new technologies of POLYV.

As a top live streaming service provider in China,POLYV considered it a great honor to serve CCTV mobile client,and had been making full preparation before the World Cup.Both CDN network and servers had been tested over and over again to make everything all right.


Now the first set of games in the group stage is basically over.Everything goes well and CCTV mobile client has ranked the first in Apple’s App Store. Facts prove that POLYV has the ability to take on world-class live.


Thanks for your reading.May your teams have good grades!


POLYV:do our best to help Xiaotang Nursing produce Chinese nursing education vlog

Recently,Chinese nursing education vlog conference has been held in Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel.Xiaotang Nursing,which serves as a comprehensive platform with APP client,PC client and wechat public account has grandly released.


Aiming at creating an image of the most professional and interesting nursing education vlog across the country,Xiaotang Nursing will share couples the all-round nursing experience from preparing for pregnancy ,pregnancy to 0~3 aged children in the form of video.The founder,Tang Zuoshou,said he would pay attention to health,caring and education from a fertilized egg.And what his ambition was to take his products in this specific vertical to an extreme and produce the best original videos sharing platform of Chinese nursing education.


After months of research and development,the growth of Xiaotang Nursing devolops significantly.POLYV has played a very effective role in running its vlog,with providing cloud video and live streaming technical service.

“Due to POLYV’s technology,our full HD videos plays smoothly.”Tang gives what the highest evaluation he can describe,“it’s literally like a running river as it never stucks.”


Xie Xiaofang,POLYV chairman,witnessed the special moment of Xiaotang Nursing platform’s release with other partner organizations on the conference.He has pushed forward both sides to build up strategic partnership deal in which they hope to advance win-win cooperation for nursing education vlog’s development.


Coming up to its fifth birthday,POLYV will keep its corporating philosophy of “focus,pratical and innovation” and spare no effort to help make buiness video valuable.So far,it has provided cutting-edge video technology for over 48000 businesses and organizations.

Finally,let us see the style of Xiaotang Nursing platform simply.


Thanks for your reading.If you want to know more about our products,please contact us.


A big break of POLYV Live class

Live class is to training and teaching online what mechanical keyboard to a programmer.It fits you most for training and teaching live streaming.To give users better experience,POLYV live class now has been upgraded to the newest!

Compared to the old one,a whole new visual design of new live class looks more comfortable.Except that ,there is more between using two versions. One highlight is our live interactive application,which will bring you extraordinary sense of communicating online.Now Let us see more latest features and contents.

Why live class is the best tool for training and teaching online?

Reason one: it provides two kinds of live mode including data flow and video flow.The advantage is that it ensures that the audience can watch live fluently even under poor network environment.

Reason two: it is more suitable for teaching and training scenes as it designs Three-part-separated Screen and its PPT application and brush tools are particularly good for use.

What is new live class looks like?

1.The interface of new version is beautiful, user-friendly and easy to operate.As we can see,specific changes are listed as following:
(1)New design with optimizing the black border of the edge of PPT;
(2)Enlarging teacher’s profile picture for better visual scale on the screen;
(3)PPT and camera on the mobile side can be enlarged and removed anywhere;
(4)Allowing audience to flip through PPT and review knowledge of the subject during the webcast.


2.(1)Teachers can add the lecture introduction to the page to improve students’perception before the lecture starts.
(2) Generating the relevant sections automatically when live comes to an end, which meets the needs of students to have access to the information on the lecture.


3.(1)Allowing at most six students to have a voice and video chat with the teacher at the same time.
(2)Allowing audience to watch the whole live when multi-users are having a voice and video chat.What’s more,the number of online general audience have no limits.


4.(1)Adding interactive data statistics functions for users making better data driven business decision.
(2)Adding whiteboard function under Three-part-separated Screen mode for prestenting knowledge conveniently.
(3)Adding screen sharing function under Three-part-separated Screen mode,so that teachers can operate their computer desk on real-time to people online.


5.(1)Adding Three-part-separated Screen line which can directly inset iframe.


(2)Generating automatically Three-part-separated Screen line of playback which can be inset into users’ own webs.


Operation guide of new live class

Step 1:Log in POLYV’s live background and build a new channel number.You would get an account and password after setting information.


I:Enter POLYV’s live background


II:Add a new channel


III:Get your account and password


Step 2:Download and start your live class client, then enter with your channel number and password.Now you can use the newest live class.

Download link:http://www.polyv.net/download/?pages=live


choose the third one to start new live class


New version of training and teaching live streaming tool will give you better user experience.If you have any questions when using new live class,contact customer service supervisor and we will solve your problems at the first time.

We made it to Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China.

Guangzhou Easyfun is awarded Deloitte Fast 50 China 2017.

Yes, we made it to the Technology Fast 50 2017 China.

It’s an award for the fastest growing technology companies over this year by Deloitte, one of the big four accounting firms in the world.

We appreciate everyone who supports us over these years. Our growth depends greatly on you, and we’ll keep driving your value with our cutting-edge video technology.

And once again, THANK YOU.

[POLYV Insight] Some thoughts after Adobe MAX 2017

Adobe MAX 2017 Conference

For art creators, Adobe MAX is the annual conference they’ve been waiting for — each year Adobe not only brings up new versions of the CC softwares, but also revolutionary changes to our daily workflow.

And so does this year — but in what aspects?

1. User experience over different devices

Over the last few years, mobile devices and apps have been taking over and playing important roles in our daily life. Yet the design workflow for mobile pages or apps is still in the past — the multiple pages are isolated, not able to demonstrate the relations nor the interactions among them.

And now, the brand new and official Xd CC (Experience Design CC) is released, making it possible to make the mobile design workflow simple and clear.

The new and official release of Adobe Xd CC.

It’s not really a new thing because a beta version of Xd CC was released in last year’s MAX conference, and many designers have been benefited from it. However, the new version of Xd CC has significant upgrades such as synchronizing the changes done in the modules in your design, the interaction demonstration from screen to screen; and most importantly, the feature of inter-device displays, which means you can now make your project — from PC web to mobile apps — in one single Xd file.

In my opinion, Adobe is taking the right step to embrace the trend of inter-device experience, aiding designers to achieve more with less workload and time.

2. Unleash your creativity with AI

Another highlight that thrills me is the evolving Adobe Sensei.

We all have the mind of creating our own things from our imaginations or inspirations. But not everyone has got the skills of using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign or other creativity softwares like professionals do.

Now, Adobe is trying to solve the problem, by intergrating machine learning recommendations and automated procedures powered by Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Sensei has been integrated into many of the Adobe CC components, and is getting smarter.

You may say it’s unlikely that the program can recommend the right source for your sketch, or automatically doing complicated actions like eliminating the background, or mixing two subjects in a bacground and match the right lighting.

However, as we see in the live demonstration, Adobe Sensei does help us from picking up the right elements for our design, or sorting out the clips we use to meet our demands. It is at this moment that we are amazed at what AI has been evolved to such level.

Many people fear that AI will take over human being in the field of art, and eliminate the artists at last. But as far as I concern, the AI behind Adobe Sensei is not going to make us lose our job — instead, it reduces our workload from matching the sources, repetitive actions that take a lot of time, and many more.

That’s what we are looking for: creating more with less time and effort, maximizing efficiency and creativity.