Virtual reality – a new way for video experience

You may have seen this in movies — a man is wearing a helmet or a pair of glasses, after that he gets sucked into another world. This is one of the impressions of what people think about virtual reality, or simply VR.

But what is VR?

Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that lets you experience a different reality — In other words, it is a different world created by computer that separates you from the real world, and you can see, hear, or even touch and interact with things in this world.

One of the core technology of VR is tracking. VR requires precise calculation for user’s movements and actions in order to generate the appropriate environment and not making user feeling isolated or unrealistic. So sensors — from gyroscope, cameras to eye-tracking devices — are vital to this aspect.

Another one is computer graphics. Since graphics should be synchronized to the movement of the user, it needs instance calculations and feedback, which is a challenge for the device. Besides a high-performance smartphone or computer, a cloud computing network is a better solution, and it will also be the affordable solution in the near future.

There are video cloud services ready for delivering VR experience to the audience, for the purpose of experimental art, interaction and even branding. POLYV is one of the video cloud services that has researched and developed a series of solutions for VR, including video playback and livestream, providing whole new experience to entertain and learn for the audience.

VR is getting more and more attention around the world. We believe it is the technology that changes a lot of industries in the near future.


What makes livestream so fascinating?

With smartphones and cameras, livestream is getting more popular, and everyone wants to get the taste of it — from vlogging to your own talk show, it really draws the interest of the audience, making it become a new lucrative industry.

But what makes a livestream so fascinating? Besides the topic and content, POLYV shows you how to improve their Cloud Streaming experience with the help of the video cloud technology.

High definition

High definition is one of the essential element to fascinating livestream experience. Good graphic quality helps to better convey the aesthetic and emotional feelings behind, which does make a difference.

POLYV provides 1080p resolution for their Cloud Streaming livestreams, and currently 4K at maximum. Also, POLYV supports different ways and devices to generate the content for livestream.

Low latency

Imagine you are watching your favorite Barca’s match livestream, and you suddenly realize your neighbor is thrilled by Messi’s goal, while your screen is not even close to this point. That’s why low latency is critical for livestream.

In order to reduce the latency for livestream, POLYV has set up over 500 CDN nodes across the world, and cooperates with more high quality CDN providers. It turns out pretty good — even with extra high concurrent sessions, the delay of POLYV’s livestream is no more than 3 seconds.


Interaction is the key for building the bond between the host and the audience, especially for livestreams, which require instant interactions and quick responds for both the host and the audience. That’s why a good interaction system is important for it.

POLYV has set up their own interaction system for their Cloud Streaming service, including commentary captions, accessing feeds from social media, virtual gifts, multiple camera support, etc. You can make different interaction with the host and other audience.

Nowadays everyone can do their livestreams, and become their own host of it. POLYV powers your livestream with the innovative technologies, from streaming quality to communicating with everyone, making everyone enjoy your livestream. If you want a try, visit POLYV and sign up today.

Content protection for online education

Online education is getting more and more popular nowadays – from personal training sessions, to large, systematic training courses by corporations and organizations like, we have a whole new different way for learning compared to the conventional style.

Most of the contents for these online education services are in the form of video. Some of them, like MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), are available for download or sharing, but more of them are copyrighted by the author and restricted for access. Still, there are cases on these contents being pirated and spread without permission, and therefore the demand for content protection is very high among the industry of online education.

The widely used method for content protection is using password for access control. It is simple, but not very effective – those who have the access to the content may leak them out, or the password is likely to be hacked by others.

Another method for protecting the content is to encrypt the content with specific algorithm or encryption key. This will work for most of the audience, but not likely to stop hackers from extracting the video pieces and restoring them from scratch – which means there’s still chance for the content to be pirated.

For these problems, POLYV has the solution – PlaySafe™.

They use various ways for encrypting the video, including out-of-order keyframing, fragmentation transcoding, and multiple algorithms for different sections of the video, which make the video impossible to be hacked and pirated.

What’s more, the patented encryption algorithms and access controls can also be applied on mobile playback and cache, which is not featured in most of the online video services.

With these means, the video content is well protected on all devices, making it 100% securely delivered to the audience you want.

Content protection is getting more and more important for the online education industry, especially the video contents. And with more update technologies put into use, we believe the copyright issues that haunt online educators will be solved in the near future.

What is the key to smooth video playback on video cloud platform?

As a video cloud application, it is critical to deliver fast, smooth playback experience for audience, and affects if the audience will continue watching the video that draw their attention to a company’s products or service.

The technology behind fluent video playback is the key to it. And it really depends on the development of CDN (Content Delivery Network) and ABS (Adaptive bitrate streaming). POLYV has done really good job on both aspects.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a globally distributed network of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers, to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance.

By now, over 500 CDN nodes have been set up across the world by POLYV, which helps to deliver the best video playback performance from the nearby nodes. This solves the problem of network congestion and traffic overload, and improves the speed of accessing the sites.

ABS (Adaptive bitrate streaming)

ABS (Adaptive bitrate streaming) is a technique used in streaming multimedia over computer networks. It is designed to work efficiently over large distributed HTTP networks such as the Internet, to deliver fast, fluent playback experience with little buffering, in any kind of network condition.

The ABS technique is included in POLYV’s video cloud platform as well. Also, POLYV provides selective resolution for playback to meet user’s demands: when the videos are uploaded to POLYV’s video cloud platform, they are transcoded into three different resolutions: fluent, high definition and super high definition. It is up to the audience’s network condition to choose the best resolution with little buffering, delivering the video content fast while maintaining the best quality as it can be.

POLYV is a trustworthy company for providing perfect video play experience to users. They have focus on the standard of delivering high-quality video cloud applications and service. With the key techniques of CDN and ABS for the video application, more than 20,000 companies have chosen POLYV’s video cloud service for their branding and corporate training, creating the value out of their videos.

Stable video playback

When you watch a video, the art of providing stable video playing is vital – and no one can do it better than POLYV.

Known as a video cloud platform for business, POLYV focuses on developing stable and reliable cloud video. For that, POLYV has set up multi-dimensional systems to ensure its video cloud service stable and reliable. And measures have been taken in three aspects: storage, servers and CDNs. What POLYV does is to back up on all these aspects.

One of the steps they take is to construct three sets of CDN, or Content Distribution Network, which are built by the company itself and also supported by its excellent business partners. From what people could see, it is effective to help create the effects of marvellous experience of video playing. And more than 20,000 companies, including Oracle, Tesla and Siemens, has set up and run the service of POLYV.

It is POLYV’s principle to take user’s needs in mind, making POLYV stand out from the competitors with its smooth, stable video playing. And thanks to it, POLYV has just received certification of TRUCS of China. Based on the authority of Trusted Cloud Association, it is strongly recommended to use POLYV’s video cloud service.

Now, sign up for your POLYV account, give it a try, and you will find that POLYV has more surprise both in its service and functions than you might think.

POLYV – Your video platform for business


If you are looking for a video cloud service or video platform for business, POLYV is the one that fits you most.

Established by Guangzhou Easyfun Information Technology in 2012, POLYV has been focusing on video solutions for online education and enterprise. Over the years, POLYV has developed a series of CDN in order to provide smooth, high-quality playback experience, and increase the stability and reliability of the video platform.

Also, POLYV owns the patented PlaySafe® Ecosystem, which includes various methods of encryption, Rights Access Management (RAM) and Digital Rights Management (DRM), protecting your content from being pirated and helping you securely deliver your content with no concern.

With the leading-edge video technologies, and serving the needs from the clients, POLYV gains lots of reputation in the industry, steadily growing into one of China’s largest video platform for business.

Currently POLYV serves over 40,000 corporations and organizations across the world, including domestic clients like CCTV, SF Express, Peking University, Xingshuai Education, DJI, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank) and MedCare, as well as international corporations and organizations like Dell, Oracle, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances (BSH), Fujifilm, NIO electric car, A. O. Smith, Colgate, J. D. Power and Linkedin.


POLYV provides Video Cloud for video hosting, online classroom, corporate training and branding; Streaming Cloud for livestream, event broadcast and other business use. Besides, POLYV provides extensive, customizable cloud services, including Classroom Cloud and Private Cloud, to fulfill the demands for specific scenarios or industries.

POLYV – Your stable, safe, speedy video platform for business.

If you have any need for online video service, feel free to leave your message down below and we’ll contact you right away.