POLYV: The core advantages

The competitions among video hosting services are fierce, and so do the online video platforms. But what makes POLYV stands out of the crowd, and become one of the leading business video platforms?


Stability always comes first for any kind of service. And POLYV has made it in mind, becoming one of the focus in their service.

  1. Triple-Triple — POLYV provides triple physical backup with storage drives serves and CDNs, and triple data backup from source files to remote storage;
  2. 10 years in operation –The core members in technical team have over 10 years exprience on online video processing and platform operation, and has served in projects like Netease Open Course and major events such as Olympic Games and CCTV Spring Festival Gala;
  3. Top technologies — The founding members, from Netease, Baidu, Alibaba and CNTV, has great contribution on hybrid encryption algorithms and improvements of playback fluency and buffering.


Safe is also important for a video application, especially for business purposes. POLYV has their own means to keep the clients’ videos safe and well secured.

  1. PlaySafe™ DRM — Owned by POLYV, the patented PlaySafe DRM consists of hybrid random encryption algorithms in Video Cloud, distributive encoding, fragmentation transcoding and out-of-order keyframe encryption. It is a combination of multiple rights protection with anti-downloading, anti-theft chain and anti-screen capturing, preventing videos from being leaked or illegal downloads;
  2. Mobile playback protection — POLYV is the first video cloud service to have optimizations on Apple HLS Encryption, fixing the bugs and leaks on mobile playback;
  3. DRM ecosystem — PlaySafe™, along with ID marquee, domain lists, second authorization combined with , have made a whole ecosystem of POLYV’s digital rights management, and work very well with the features of audience interaction.


Smooth playback and quick technical respond are very important for user’s experience of a video service. That’s what POLYV concluded as “Speedy” in their service.

  1. CDN distribution — POLYV has over 500 CDN nodes in China and across the world, with a total bandwidth of over 600GBps. It is able for over 800,000 audience to have smooth playback without buffering at the same time;
  2. Fast technical respond — The technical team of POLYV is able to respond within hours for the demands of customization from the clients;
  3. Customer Services — POLYV has 7×24 customer service, providing profesional, one-on-one support within minutes from your request.

With “Stable, Safe, Speedy” in mind, POLYV gains lots of reputation in the industry. That’s why POLYV has been steadily growing into one of China’s largest video platforms and top video hosting services for business.


The service infrastructure of POLYV

If you dig deep into POLYV‘s video service, you will find it serves in three different layers — PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and DaaS (Data as a Service).


PaaS layer includes platform of video hosting, processing, database setup and cloud storage, managing the process of transfer, convert and storage. It is capable for users to upload videos up to 10 MBps, with resumable transfer from web, API, plug-ins or clients, in various formats. It also supports batch uploading or fetching videos from the server.

And regarding the converting process, POLYV is capable for 1000 encoding or decoding simutaneously, and exporting into 3 different resolutions (standard, high and ultra high). Currently POLYV has a total of 15 Petabytes for the storage of uploaded videos and their multiple redundant backups, and is able to expand without limit.

SaaS layer includes services of video playback and live streaming via PC or WeChat, and is ready for different situation in the industry of online eduation.

At this level, POLYV provides 6 major features within its video application, including exclusively designed media player, audience interaction, PlaySafe™ DRM, integrated marketing, video analytics and API/SDK development.

These features are available in various combinations for specialized teaching and different types of training, such as language study, daycare, study abroad, certification, professional skills and K-12.

Among the features, audience interaction significantly improves the experience of learning. PlaySafe™, the patented digital rights management solution, provides a series of encryption methods such as distributive encoding, VRM 5.0 encryption, fragmentation transcoding and hybrid encryption, to keep the videos safe from illegal downloads; besides, other protective features like domain list and ID marquee, can also help to make the content well secured.

DaaS layer can efficiently solve problems during use by analyzing the data of user’s behaviors and habits, as well as evaluating the result of study and the quality of learning materials, from over 100 million logs daily, which is valuable support for organizations and enterprises to make decisions on their operation. In the near future, the DaaS layer will benefit over 20,000 companies and organizations, as well as hundreds of millions of audience.

POLYV: keep leading with innovation

POLYV is a leading-edge video cloud service in China. Established in 2012, POLYV owns their unique independent intellectual properties and advanced technologies. The founding members are from elite internet corporations such as Netease, Baidu and Alibaba.

POLYV has been in charge of the operating and technical support in the video delivery of Netease Open Course and ChinaCache, as well as live broadcasting of major events like CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Asian Games and Olympic Games.

Regarding R&D as the core of the company, POLYV has been focused in the technologies of internet videos and streaming. Over the last three years, POLYV has integrated Video Cloud andCloud Streaming in its video service, which is ideal for the industry of online education.

For VOD (Video-on-demand) and video hosting , POLYV is able to store, encode, manage and distribute your video in seconds, right after it’s done recording or exporting.

Also, you can deliver your livestream across the world through PC or mobile device, simply with POLYV’s Cloud Streaming account.

Promoting “Focused, Pragmatic and Innovative” as their spirit, POLYV has gained recognition ofover 21,000 businesses and organizations , among which including top-ranking universities such as Peking University, Beijing Normal University and Wuhan University, as well as leaders of education industry like Xindongfang, OnlyEdu, Wendu and Xingshuai Education.

So far, POLYV has over 30,000 new videos of daily upload and more than 3 million view count of overall videos, covering 200 million audience for their need of learning.

In the near future, POLYV will develop further with the latest and prospective technologies like big data analysis, graphics/speech recognition and VR (Virtual Reality), and keep leading the industry with innovation.


Practical guide to choose your video hosting service – Part 3

In our previous Part 1 & Part 2, we have talked about some of the requirements and qualities a good video hosting should have. Today we will wrap this topic up with this final chapter.

5. Analytics and Marketing

For videos, content speaks first. But that doesn’t mean you can grow your business only with the content and without effective marketing actions. That’s why you need the analytics data and built-in marketing tools for your video hosting service.


Usually the analytics data includes the count of views, viewers, traffic in a certain period of time, view-length percentage of your videos and so on. But, that’s far from enough for a good analytics.

So what else features do we need? Here are some examples for your reference —

  • Audience information collector – It is used for collecting e-mail and other general information of the audience who are really interested in your content or channel. Usually it comes in the form of questionnaire when the content is play about 5 minutes or after 2/3 of length. After that, you can use these leads for further marketing like EDM or product/service recommendations, etc.
  • Customized ads and related videos – Well, they both will affect the viewers’experience and the engagement to the content, especially when the ads and related videos appear in an improper time. But in some ways, these ads and related videos can also help with the SEO of your content, as the behavior of your audience can significantly help with the rankings.

With the right choice of these features in the right place, you can boost your business with less cost and effort. If you are going to use the video hosting service for marketing, it is necessary to consider those features and choose the ones that you really need.

6. Flexible Plans

Your business will grow eventually, and so does your video hosting plans — you won’t keep going with your low traffic and storage plans when you already have hundreds of thousands of audience and a massive amount of videos.

And since migrating your videos to another service is painstaking (especially when you have hundreds of video to go), it is important to choose a video hosting you can trust, and think about the plans you use in different stages of your business, making sure they can be easily switched when you need.


Also, some premium plans offer advanced management tools for further needs, such as batch uploading, greater-sized file support, customizing video info, creating subtitle/caption and generating embedding codes, etc. These will save much of your time on managing your stash of content, and you can spend your time on your creation or other work.

7. Customer Service

We have talked about lots of different aspects and features of a video hosting service. However, you may not get to know all the features in the plan and need someone to explain them, or you need for help if the service suddenly gets technical issues and requires troubleshooting — that’s when customer service kicks in.


For large video hosting services like POLYV, you are able to reach out to your dedicated sales and technical support, to get your questions and particular issues solved whenever you are in need. They are available via live chat, telephone and email, no matter what plan you have chosen.

And here we come to the end of this Practical Guide. We hope this guide can help you understand the important features of video hosting, and how to choose the service you need and fits you most. Thank you for taking your time, and happy video hosting!

Practical guide to choose your video hosting service – Part 2

In Part 1, we have talked about the budget and playback experience when choosing your video hosting for business. Here we continue our talk on this topic.

3. Access Control

For most of the free video hosting services, your content are to be viewed by anyone who have the access of the hosting site — in other words, everyone can watch your videos.

However, for business and corporation, security features are vital, especially for those content that can be only accessed by employees within their network.


Here are some of the features on security and access control for your reference —

  • Password portection – simple, yet traditional way of access control. Usually only the distributors have the password, so it is simple to control who can view these videos.
  • Authentication tokens – sometimes the videos can still be accessed to unwanted audience when the passwords are leaked or not working well, then authentication tokens steps in — it is a string of unique codes generated with advanced algorithm, and the authentication can only be approved within the device and the viewer’s account, which significantly increases security with no effort from the administrators of the business;
  • Website/domain list – this is another specific way to restrict your videos to be viewed in specific audience, or the websites/domains you own. You can simply add the address of your websites, or IPs of your internal network domains to the white list, and those outside the list are unable to access the videos.

4. Digital Rights Management

Access control is only part of the protection for your precious videos. To prevent your videos from being pirated completely, DRM — or Digital Rights Management, is vital for a professional video hosting.


Here are some of the features that should be included in the DRM of a good video hosting

  • Advanced encryption – it is easy to hack the content with only one specific encryption method, but not in the case of using various random methods in different sections of the video. With these advanced encryption methods, even the content is downloaded, it is impossible to decrypt and recover it to be played in general media players.
  • Fragmentation transcoding – it means your video will be divided into lots of small sections which then being transcoded. It helps to make the video stream faster, and significantly increase the difficulty of content pirates accessing and restoring the whole video;
  • Encryption on mobile – many video hosting services have been doing great on the rights management on PC, but not on mobile playback. Some, like POLYV, have their very own solution for mobile encryption, keeping your content away from pirates and unwanted audience.

Digital Rights Management, along with access control, are very crucial for the content protection in video hosting service. You just don’t want your time and effort ends up with someone else taking your credit of video, do you?

And that’s the end of Part 2 of our guide for your video hosting service. Stay tune and we’ll be back for the third part.

Update: We have updated Part 3 for the final chapter of the series. Click here to read this article.

Practical guide to choose your video hosting service – Part 1

It’s the era of video now, and you have made the decision of using video hosting service for introducing your product, branding and marketing, or corporate activities like internal trainings or event livestreams.

There are hundreds of video hosting services around the world, but which is the one that suits you most? Let’s get into the key factors and show you how to choose the video hosting service you need.


1. The Budget

Well, sounds REALLY PRACTICAL right at the beginning… And yes, we have lots of free video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo and Youku-Tudou. They seem to be pretty decent, but are not good options when we dig deeper —

  • Ads in your videos – that’s what free video hosting services get their revenues. And these ads will potentially affect the viewing experience for the audience, disrupting their focus on your content;
  • List of recommended videos – these video hosting sites provide a list of recommended videos at the end of your videos. Most of the time, these “recommended videos”are not the content you have made, and often includes videos from your competitors or rivals;
  • Unwanted Access for downloading – though no obvious download button in the viewing page, there are various video downloaders that can access and download the content from these video hosting sites, leaking your videos to unwanted audience.

You just want to keep your audience within your site, focusing on your products and services, uninterrupted. So it is better to choose a paid video hosting, which provides marketing, analytics and rights management modules as those free hostings have, letting you carefree and concentrate on your content and service.

But that doesn’t mean you must choose a service that cost lots of money. Instead, we recommend you choosing an affordable plan, which contains the capacity and traffic that meets your demand. Therefore, you’d better calculate the scale of your monthly viewers and video spaces of your video application before you sign up for your video hosting account.

2. Smooth playback experience

Another key factor is playback experience. Imagine when you visit your website and the videos are slowly buffering time after time, and even not working – this is a disaster for keeping your audience engaged to your business. That’s why a smooth playback is critical.


Checking this is quite simple – First, visit the official site of the video hosting service, and then hit the play button of the video. If they can’t make it well on their own site, just wave goodbye to them.

Then, visit the sites of its clients, and check the availability and playback experience as you did for the video hosting site. The experience speaks itself – enough said.

So here is the first part of how to choose your video hosting service. Stay tuned and we’ll be right back for the second part.

Update: Part 2 is out now! Click here to continue the Practical Guide tour.

Next generation online education with video

Online education is a new way for people to learn knowledge and skills, and is playing a more essential role today. Compared to traditional classrooms or training courses, online education is available whenever and wherever we are,transcending the time and space.

But by what to guarantee the teaching quality? The videos.

We can use a series of videos, which is categorized with different topics or sections to build up a systematic training course, and then distribute it through Internet. It not only helps to deliver the knowledge, but also makes learners more engaged to it, and has the chance to interact with the course and even the host.

Video is now widely used in the online education industry, making great changes to the ecosystem of high-level education as well as K-12, continuing education and corporate training.

With the development of video technology, vast changes have been taken place to online education and any other field that relates to video. When it comes to the technology of online videos, POLYV – China’s largest online video platform, has a complete solution exclusively for online education. Not only it provides video hosting service, but also has developed over 180 features to satisfy the need of online education, including 3-way media player, optimized for presentations and slides, and rights management for anti-pirating.

What’s more, POLYV has been honored with Trusted Cloud Service (TRUCS) certification in China. It is a recognition for the performance and security of their service.

Video makes great difference to online education, and POLYV makes great difference to video hosting and even the education industry, with their leading-edge technologies exclusively for online education.