Top 10 Video Hosting Sites For Business

When talking about video hosting, YouTube is the first one you’ll ever think about – it does help your business and brand image spread across the world since the community of audience is really huge.

But YouTube may not be the best choice for hosting business videos – ads will pop up before or during playback, non-related contents in “Recommended videos” lists, lack of detailed analysis of viewers’ behaviors… That’s why you need a video hosting service exclusively for your business – you make the videos, they will take good care of them and help you with promotion and marketing.

There are lots of video hosting sites out there, and here we pick some of the best ones for your reference.


POLYV _ Business video hosting in China

POLYV is a leading-edge video cloud service based in China. Established in 2012, POLYV has owned their unique independent intellectual properties and has been focusing on the technologies of internet videos and streaming.

POLYV provides Video Cloud for video hosting, online classroom, corporate training and branding; Streaming Cloud for live streaming, event broadcast and other business use; and various devices like encoders and streaming cards for even faster, higher-quality livestreams. Besides, the patented PlaySafe™ DRM system provides full-proof solutions to keep the video contents secured from pirates and unwanted audiences.

Recently, POLYV has integrated Video Cloud and Streaming Cloud in its video service, which is ideal for various industries and usage, including online education, business, marketing and media broadcasting.

So far, POLYV has over 30,000 new videos uploaded per day, and more than 3 million views overall, covering over 200 million audiences for their need of learning. The major clients of POLYV includes Tesla, Siemens, Oracle, Linkedin, CCTV, SF Express, Peking University and counting.

2. Panopto


Panopto is one of the leading, fastest growing video hosting provider for business and online education. Panopto has its own application to simplify the process of recording and streaming, reducing the workload of teachers and corporate trainers. It also supports interactions with audience, statistics and marketing, making learning get more effective and efficient.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Panopto is recognised for its completeness of vision and ability to execute. Companies they have served included IBM, Alstom, NOVARTIS, Yale University and so on.

3. Kaltura


Kaltura is an open source video platform based in New York. It operates in four major markets for video based solutions: OTT TV (Over the Top TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform).

Kaltura has its sets of flexible, full-functioning solutions for different fields and industries. Media, digital publisher, education, government and clinical medicine practices have been benefitted from Kaltura’s video service.

Kaltura has been committed to its core values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration, and is the initiator and backer of the world’s leading open-source video-management project, which is home to more than 100,000 community members.

Currently over 300,000 companies and websites are using Kaltura to create value with video. And this is their customers: HBO, TMZ, Nestle, Dartmouth and many other enterprises from different fields.

4. SproutVideo


SproutVideo is a cost-effective video hosting and video on-demand streaming solution for businesses, websites, and non-profit organizations. It provides all the important features needed for business and marketing video applications, including content protection, interface customization, video publishing and statistics tracking, etc.

Besides general video services, SproutVideo also offers brandable video websites, which are hosted entirely by them. With this feature enabled, they can build a video website around the video content to the client’s heart content, in a matter of minutes. The brandable video sites are available at no extra cost, if already subscribed to their plans or solutions.

SproutVideo has gained reputations among production studios, educators and other professional users, as well as Fortune 500 companies like Thomson Reuters, FedEx, GE and Wework.

5. Brightcove


Brightcove is a video hosting and live streaming company founded in 2004. Proclaiming “pioneer force” of online video, Brightcove has a series of video solutions exclusively for media publisher/broadcaster, corporate training and marketing.

Brightcove has been dedicating to help their clients success with videos, therefore they’d like to provide a complete set of video technology and service to build an ecosystem around the company and fulfill the marketing needs of the clients.

Brightcove is currently serving in many international companies and well-known live events, including Hugo Boss, ANA All Nippon Airways, UKTV and SXSW (South by Southwest).

6. Wistia


Wistia is a professional video hosting service with specially designed analytics and video marketing tools. Their solutions are able to generate new leads and improve companies’ SEO, as well as to help understand viewers better and create better content by analyzing their behaviors and the statistics.

Wistia offers flexible plans and pricing models, from totally free plan for just a taste, to more engaged Pro and Premium plans for those who really need high quality video services.

Besides, Wistia is ready for agencies, sales and developers as well. Companies like Hubspot, Harvard University, Uberflip and Percolate are all using Wistia’s products.

7. Vimeo Pro/Business


Vimeo is a worldwide video sharing platform like YouTube. However, it also provides paid plans (Plus, Pro and Business) for more advanced features for personal portfolio and business use.

The paid plans allow removing ads from the video content, setting up security options (e.g. domain restriction), creating groups for managing uploaded videos, etc. They also provide more capacity, higher resolution for uploading the videos.

And for Business plan, if you want to start your video marketing production, Vimeo can even send a professional team to help you realize the ideas.

8. Vzaar


Founded in London, 2007, Vzaar is one of the earliest business video services, exclusively serving for eBay sellers at that time. After expanding beyond the eBay community, Vzaar began serving for more businesses and enterprises.

Over the years, Vzaar has been dedicating to the technologies that make video playback faster and more secured, as well as monetizing for clients from their videos. They have various solutions for e-commerce, marketing, publishing, agencies, and personal use like online education and developers.

Currently Vzaar has clients from various fields, including Warwick Business School, Mysoft, Quondos, Bravo, IBM and so on.

9. Haivision


Haivision is a video solution provider with headquarter in Montreal, Canada, providing end-to-end video streaming solutions for recording, encoding, managing and distributing secure video content.

Haivision’s streaming solutions power a wide range of applications such as enterprise communications, internal training and assessment, online education and medical science.

Apart from the streaming plans and solutions, Haivision also provides professional devices for streaming, OTT TV and other uses, such as H.265 encoders/decoders/transcoders, digital signage systems, set-top boxes, gateways and more.

Haivision has successfully conducted projects of live event broadcasting like London Olympics 2012, and put into service in famous companies and organizations like BP (British Petroleum), Lifetime Networks, Purdue University and NASCAR. Haivision also signs contracts with US government departments like US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Dept of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and NASA.

10. Vidyard


Originally founded as Redwoods Media in 2010, Vidyard is one the first video production companies that offers video hosting, analytics, and performance guarantees. Envisioning the future needs of customers, the potential of video, and the power of analytics, Vidyard has been focusing exclusively on video marketing technology.

Along with hosting clients’ video content, Vidyard is able to deal with viewer analytics and engagement data to study viewers’ behaviors, and then push the results directly into the MAP and CRM for clients’ reference. Also, Vidyard has special tools to optimize videos for peak performance, to make important decisions and take action across their business.

The customers Vidyard Linkedin have included Lenovo, Honeywell, Groupon and Virgin America.


Those 10 business video hosting sites are just some suggestions and recommendations from us, and the plans may not be suitable for you or your business. And of course, there are many more choices apart from that, so we recommend you doing some research and comparisons among the video hosting sites you like, and then identify the one (or ones, maybe) that works best for you.

Happy video hosting!


PPT Streaming client: The revolution of presentation livestream

Live streaming has changed the way of online education, and brings great opportunities for e-learning. While e-learning is still exploring the way to improve the presentation of content and match current style of teaching, POLYV, the video cloud service provider that focus on online education and e-learning, has set off a revolution of presentation livestream in the industry.

Live streaming plays an important role in e-learning and online education

Live streaming plays an important role in e-learning and online education

For presentation, it is one of the most common yet important and effective ways for e-learning —

  • It easily draws the outline of the lessons or courses, helps teacher to organize the key points and then present to learners in a more active, lively and intuitive way.
  • The content in the presentation — images, animations, as well as audios and videos — can draw learners attention more easily, providing whole new perspectives on the lessons and key points.
  • It binds teachers and learners better with good vibes and more interactions.

So how does POLYV make revolutionary changes on presentation livestream? With their well-designed PPT Streaming client.

Latest version (v4.0) of PPT Streaming client

Latest version (v4.0) of PPT Streaming client

The latest PPT Streaming client has the user interface redesigned for a cleaner, more concise look to fit the need of e-learning and online courses, and integrates direct streaming and distribution within the application, making it more simple for teachers to use and commence their presentation livestreams in no time.

Also, the PPT Streaming client supports 2-way streaming of presentation and lecturing with real-time commentary panel on the right, not only improving effectiveness of learning and interactions between teachers and learners, but also creating fast, high-quality and super low-latency experience during the lessons.

The greatest thing about online education is to combine the art of learning with the latest, leading-edge technology, to create a unique, more immersive and comprehensive environment for learning. The PPT Streaming client is revolutionary with the significant improvement in the effectiveness of learning, thanks to the dedication of POLYV in the e-learning industry for years

e-Learning Gadgets: Presentation Player

Presentation is one of the most common yet effective ways for teachers to convey the contents as well as ideas and thoughts. With the help of presentation, combined with the benefits of online classroom, learners can now enjoy learning whenever and wherever they are available.

In order to make presentations even more effective, POLYV develops Presentation Player, an exclusive gadget for online education — It provides a 3-way player window, in which learners can switch presentation or teacher’s recording as the main screen and make it in full screen whenever they need, allowing them to pay more attention to the key parts of the lessons; the outline of the lesson is located on the right panel, and it’s able to jump over the key points, so learners have no worry of missing a key point or continuing from the last study.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? And what’s even cooler, Presentation Player can be activated automatically if you add presentation to the corresponding video without complicated settings. And the process is really simple, like this —

  1. After signing in POLYV, select “Video Cloud”, then click “Videos” in the navigation bar.
  1. Select the video that you want to apply PresentationPlayer, then find “Presentation” on the bottom of the right panel, and click “Upload Presentation”(PPT and PDF format supported, under 100MB).
Presentation Player can be activated by uploading presentation in the “Videos” tab

Presentation Player can be activated by uploading presentation in the “Videos” tab

Presentation Player supports PPT and PDF documents under 100MB

Presentation Player supports PPT and PDF documents under 100MB

  1. The presentation will be extracted to single frames after upload, so you need to add caption and timestamp to each frame. If you are not sure about the timestamp, you can play the video and press “Get timestamp”on the right side of the corresponding frame.
Caption and timestamp settings after uploading the presentation

Caption and timestamp settings after uploading the presentation

  1. After setting up all the frames, click “Apply”. And voila, the Presentation Player is now activated, and your presentation and lesson outline are added into the video.
Demonstration of Presentation Player, with teacher’s recording and presentation switchable at any time

Demonstration of Presentation Player, with teacher’s recording and presentation switchable at any time

If you want to have a further look inside Presentation Player, click here for the online demo in POLYV Develop Center; and if you want to start your online classroom, click here to sign up your Video Cloud today.

e-Learning Gadgets: Quiz Player

For e-Learning, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the lessons or courses, as well as the feedback from the learners. A gadget in the video player is one of the best ways to serve this purpose.

POLYV has been receiving demands and requests of this idea from their clients, and has developed the gadget into one of the most important features – which is called “Quiz Player” – in their Video Cloud service. Here we’ll show you how it works.

Quiz Player can pop up user-generated, content-related questions right after some particular time (usually the key points in the lessons or courses), and let learners submit their answers and feedbacks to the management system. After that, the management system will collect and analyze the data, and present the results, assessments and recomendations with charts and graphs, which can be utilized by users, teachers or lecturers to evaluate the effectiveness of the lessons or courses.

Besides, Quiz Player can effectively prevent learners hanging up the course, deceiving the teachers or lecturers as if they have learnt the content.

Sounds really great, right? Now we’ll show you how to set up the Quiz Player for your use.

  1. After signing in POLYV, select “Video Cloud”, then click “Videos” in the navigation bar.
  1. Select the video that you want to apply Quiz Player, then find “Quiz & Listening” on the bottom of the right panel, and click “Add Quiz/Listening”.
Activating Quiz Player in the “Videos” tab

Activating Quiz Player in the “Videos” tab

After that, you will see the preview of the video, and two options on the right — “Add Quiz” and “Add Listening”.

You can add quiz or listening content in the video to make a quick test for the learners.

You can add quiz or listening content in the video to make a quick test for the learners.

3.1 Adding Quiz

After clicking “Add Quiz”, you can now set up the questions, answers, timestamp and many more preferences (as seen below) —

The preferences for Quiz

The preferences for Quiz

  • Question— The question to be presented in the quiz.
  • Timestamp— The time that the quiz appears (second). You can click the “Acquire timestamp” button on the right to use current timestamp played in the preview.
  • Answers— The choices for the question. You can mark the choices as correct (√) or incorrect (×) (multiple correct answer supported). You can also modify the amount of choices by clicking “+” and “-”, supporting up to 8 choices in a single question.
  • Solution— The detail of how to solve the question above. Shows up after answers are submitted.
  • Rollback to— The timestamp (second) to be rolled back to if the learner submits incorrect answers, and will keep activated until correct answer is submitted. If you don’t need the quiz to be answered again, just type “-1” in the field.
  • Skippable— To set up if the question can be skipped to continue playing.

And here’s how it looks like —

Demonstration of Quiz activated in a video

Demonstration of Quiz activated in a video

3.2 Adding Listening

The preferences for listening is simpler compared to the quiz (as seen below) —

The preferences for Listening

The preferences for Listening

  • Description— Brief description or requirement for the listening content.
  • Timestamp— The time that the listening content appears (second). You can click the “Acquire timestamp” button on the right to use current timestamp played in the preview.
  • Close Time— The time to close after the listening content is finished (second).

Here’s how it actually looks like in the video —

Demonstration of Listening activated in a video

Demonstration of Listening activated in a video

POLYV has been focused on online education and e-Learning, and Quiz Player is one of the most popular and useful gadgets in Video Cloud, gaining excellent reputation among users from education industry, and helping them build a well-interactive flipped classroom and boost the effectiveness of the lessons and courses.

Video Marketing Gadgets: Visitor Collector

Video Marketing Gadgets: Visitor Collector For marketing, gathering the information of potential customers and converting them are always painstaking – you spend lots of budget on collecting the profiles and information of users and audience, but hardly get them to achieve certain goals (like signing up, subscribe or purchase), resulting in low ROI (rate of interest).

In order to make promotions target to the audience more efficiently, POLYV have developed “Visitor Collector” in the Video Cloud service for video marketing.

When Visitor Collector is activated, the video will pause after playing certain amount of time, popping up a form for the audience to fill in, and will continue playing after the audience entering required information.

You may concern that Visitor Information Collector is breaching the experience for users. But don’t worry – Visitor Information Collector will only pop up once in a video, and in fact it helps with identifying your audience because only the potential customers will leave the information for your further marketing, ruling out unwanted, uninterested audience.

Now, let’s see how to set up Visitor Collector, and put it into use.

1. After registered and signing in your account, click “Setting” on the top right corner and choose “Visitor Collector” and set up the preferences (as seen below):

How to set up preferences of Visitor Collector

  • Title — The name of the form (Not shown in the video).
  • Timestamp — The time that the form appears (second).
  • Image upload — The portal for uploading the image above the form as instruction or display campaign. JPEG, GIF and PNG format supported, and recommend using 500 x 300 pixels for size.
  • Image redirect URL — The URL entered after clicking the image.
  • Fields — The type of information to be filled in the form (Up to 5 fields supported). The name and description can be modified to your need.

2. After setting up the preferences, click “Videos” in the navigation bar, select the video to be applied Visitor Collector, select “Enabled” for “Visitor Collector setting” and then hit “Apply” button to the right.

Activating Visitor Collector in the “Videos” tab

Activating Visitor Collector in the “Videos” tab

And this is how it looks like:

The demonstration of Visitor Collector activated in a video

The demonstration of Visitor Collector activated in a video

With POLYV Video Cloud and its Visitor Collector, finding potential customers now made easy and more efficient. If you want to get a taste of it, sign up for your POLYV account and you’ll have free trial for this beautiful marketing gadget and many more exclusive features.

New Livestream recording: A breakthrough of Video Cloud Service

We always heard “Stay tuned” or “Don’t miss” for reminding the wonderful programs, shows or livestreams. But, what if we REALLY missed the show?

That’s why livestream recording is vital — it is the urgent call from a great number of users with this demand, making it a breakthrough for a video cloud service.

Livestream playback is now in great demand.Livestream playback is now in great demand.

For POLYV, they are not only one of the first video services to provide this particular feature, but also bringing it to the new level. Here we take a look of the new features in their latest livestream recording application.

1. Improved compatibility. The new livestream recording application now supports more devices, making it easier for mobile users to do their livestreams.

2. Optimization for livestream recording process. This is the key feature of POLYV’s video services: the recorded files from their Streaming Cloud is now able to be saved directly to the Video Cloud hosting space, and is accessible to all DRM features of Video Cloud. Also, the files are now available for direct playback in the channel page of Streaming Cloud.

3. Montage Merge. This brand new feature can fix the lagging and disconnection during the livestream, making the playback file smooth and improve the playback experience.

Master Control Panel interface of POLYV Streaming Cloud application on PC.

Master Control Panel interface of POLYV Streaming Cloud application on PC.

4. Master Control Panel. POLYV is one of the only two live streaming services to own this exclusive feature. It is able to switch between cameras and scenes easily within the application, streaming the screenplay you want to your audience. What’s more, it is also available in mobile app, so even you are going live with only your smartphone, the streaming process keeps simple and convenient.

5. Source optimization. POLYV provides individual tweaks for different types of source (video, audio, images, texts and screen capturing, etc), allowing users to add FX (special effects) or retouch them on input, as well as applying noise reduction from the microphone to improve the audio quality, which highly improve the output quality of the livestream.

POLYV always put user experience in the first place. The latest update of their livestream recording application is a breakthrough for not only their Streaming Cloud services, but also their users to create better quality livestreams. If you want to have a taste of it, sign up and start your 7-day free trial here, and enjoy the creation of live streaming.

Choosing a suitable business video hosting

As a part of the brand image, the video service on the website is one of the most direct and intuitive ways to impress users and promote the business. The quality of a video service is vital for presenting the first impression and brand image, therefore it is important to choose a suitable business video hosting service. Here are the issues we should pay attention to.

First of all, a smooth, stable, high-quality playback is the fundamental requirement for a video service. Great playback quality helps to leave a good impression of the company, letting the audience convert to clients or customers. To ensure this, Content Delivery Network (or simply CDN) is necessary – it supports millions of viewers watching the video without lagging or getting sluggish at the same time, improving the speed of accessing the content.

Another feature required is full brand control. Free video hosting services often come with third-party advertisements and commercials, which distract the focus of the audience from your brand, and breach the unity of your brand and service. That’s why full brand control is critical – it prevents unwanted ads or commercials from showing up to your audience, maintaining the unity of your brand and service.

In addition, a good analytic system helps with figuring out the views, costs, incomes and many more statistic data, giving a clearer direction for your content and marketing.

Among those video services that meet the criteria, POLYV, the largest business video hosting service and online video platform, suits really well for all the issues that mentioned above. Recently received the Trusted Cloud Service Certification, POLYV is the ideal video service you are looking for, especially if you are ready to enter service in China.