POLYV Streaming Cloud Update (July 2017)

Hi everyone! Here we are thrilled to announce the latest features and updates of Streaming Cloud. Let’s get started!

Live streaming page interface of POLYV

1. Optimizations for Question & Inquiry function. We released the Question & Inquiry function in the 1st half of 2017, and received many feedback from our users and developers. And now, we’ve made this function more useful with the optimizations listed as following –

(1) Adding “Question & Inquiry” menu category in mobile interface;

(2) After adding a new question session and saving it, the audience can submit their questions and inquiries from different devices including PC, smartphones and tablets;

(3) The “Question & Inquiry” session will be closed immediately once you remove it.

2. Viewer registration update. We’ve added “Name” as a type of registration field, and now you can use it to register and authorize the audience along with the field.

What’s more, the names registered by the audience can be used for their nickname in the live chatroom.

3. Interface optimizations and other minor bug fixes.

The latest update of Streaming Cloud is now on. You can check out our develop center for detailed information, or troubleshoot the problems you encounter while testing the latest version of Streaming Cloud. And if you don’t have a Streaming Cloud account, visit http://my.polyv.net/v2/register first to sign up yours.

We will notify you if there’s any major updates for our services or clients, so stay tuned and see you soon!


POLYV Streaming client now available for Mac!

Our streaming client has been available for PC and iOS users, bringing great benefits to their live streaming workflow.

Yet we still received a lot of requests from Mac users: When will POLYV Streaming client be released for Mac?

And now, we have the answer – the Mac Streaming client is now available!

The user interface of POLYV Streaming client for Mac.

The streaming process is pretty much similar to that in PC: create your channel, mark down the channel ID and access password, download the DMG file of the client and install it on Mac, set up your devices and the client, then enjoy your livestream.

You can download the Mac Streaming client at http://soft.polyv.net/soft/PolyvLiveSetup.dmg, and follow the instruction of setting up PC Streaming client for your reference (except the Visual C++ Redistribution installation).

If you encounter issues when using the Mac Streaming client, feel free to talk to our support team via phone, e-mail or other viable means and we will find the solutions for you.

For more details or updates, check out our official website http://www.polyv.net/ . Happy live streaming!