POLYV in GET2016: Video service in online education (Part 2)

In our previous article, Reako Xie, founder of POLYV, showed us his creative perspective on online education and e-commerce, and made a comparison between them.

Here we deliver the second part of his speech, focusing the major issues of the video application in e-learning and online education.

Reako Xie, Founder of POLYV, talked about video applications and issues in online education industry at the seminar of GET2016

Reako Xie, Founder of POLYV, talked about video applications and issues in online education industry at the seminar of GET2016

Video is getting more and more important in nowadays internet technology. It is also the skeleton of the online education industry, influencing the process of teaching and learning.

Video has great advantages like containing massive information, well intuitive and interactive, which is unparalleled to texts and graphics. However, video needs a great amount of time for production and takes up lots of space and traffic for hosting, which is an obstacle for wide commercial use.

Here are the three major issues we have encountered –

First, piracy. It grows easily because videos are highly replicable, and the cost is legitimately low without effective copyright control.

Here we take the example of music records. It is a great industry over the 20th century, generating thousands of superstars and celebrities as well as tremendous value. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, music piracy has breached the industry thanks to the develop of the internet and the technology of audio compression in the cloud. That’s when music piracy becomes very simple that everyone can do this, and eventually the industry goes downhill.

As far as I concern in this case, I think it is just not enough to expect the fulfilment of the law, or everyone has the sense of copyrighting. We must take action and protect the video content from piracy.

As we all know, videos, presentations and other materials are the core resources for online educators and e-learning organizations. Once the resources are leaked and being sold at a really low price, it will devastate the whole online education industry.

To prevent this, POLYV releases the first generation of DRM (Digital Rights Management). Most of the 4000 primary users at that time subscribe our plan because of the DRM feature. And, after the development of over 3 years, the DRM prototype has evolved into PlaySafe DRM ecosystem, including fragmentation encryption on all kinds of content, anti-downloading, domain lists, anti-capturing and more. We will release new piracy proof system later this year, to protect the content from our users in full scope.

No system is absolutely safe, but we believe piracy can be inhibited by increasing the cost of obtaining the content illegally and compromising the experience of pirated content.

Second, the video content is non-structured. In other words, the content, plot or details in the video are unable to be indexed or searched, nor to be accurately positioned for a specific chapter or key point, making it inefficient to obtain our desired content.

To solve this issue, we develop an audio recognition system, which can accurately recognize different voice by learning, build up an index of the video and generate captions or subtitles automatically, which really help with the indexing and searching of the content.

Besides, the audio recognition system can sort the key points of the videos, identify the courses from different teachers and classify them by author, topics or length, you name it. All the actions are processed automatically without manual intervention, even if there are millions of videos. Only when sorted do data become knowledge, and that is the foundation of digital content management.

Third, immersive learning. Currently, this is one of the major difference between online education and traditional learning, and VR is a possible and potential way to solve it.

We made lots of experiments and exploration on VR (Virtual Reality), and some of the VR products have been released. We have introduced our VR devices in May this year and will release VR app in December. Our VR live streaming has been applied for online education, which is affordable and cost efficient in both software and hardware.

For now, we are developing an app for external video live streaming, which will be released at the end of this year, and will support Oculus and Microsoft Hololens in the future. We hope that POLYV will become a connection between videos and VR, and aid live streaming for online education.

We believe that with the popularity of VR, it will be the turning point for online education.

That’s all for my speech. Thank you all very much.


POLYV: The core advantages

The competitions among video hosting services are fierce, and so do the online video platforms. But what makes POLYV stands out of the crowd, and become one of the leading business video platforms?


Stability always comes first for any kind of service. And POLYV has made it in mind, becoming one of the focus in their service.

  1. Triple-Triple — POLYV provides triple physical backup with storage drives serves and CDNs, and triple data backup from source files to remote storage;
  2. 10 years in operation –The core members in technical team have over 10 years exprience on online video processing and platform operation, and has served in projects like Netease Open Course and major events such as Olympic Games and CCTV Spring Festival Gala;
  3. Top technologies — The founding members, from Netease, Baidu, Alibaba and CNTV, has great contribution on hybrid encryption algorithms and improvements of playback fluency and buffering.


Safe is also important for a video application, especially for business purposes. POLYV has their own means to keep the clients’ videos safe and well secured.

  1. PlaySafe™ DRM — Owned by POLYV, the patented PlaySafe DRM consists of hybrid random encryption algorithms in Video Cloud, distributive encoding, fragmentation transcoding and out-of-order keyframe encryption. It is a combination of multiple rights protection with anti-downloading, anti-theft chain and anti-screen capturing, preventing videos from being leaked or illegal downloads;
  2. Mobile playback protection — POLYV is the first video cloud service to have optimizations on Apple HLS Encryption, fixing the bugs and leaks on mobile playback;
  3. DRM ecosystem — PlaySafe™, along with ID marquee, domain lists, second authorization combined with , have made a whole ecosystem of POLYV’s digital rights management, and work very well with the features of audience interaction.


Smooth playback and quick technical respond are very important for user’s experience of a video service. That’s what POLYV concluded as “Speedy” in their service.

  1. CDN distribution — POLYV has over 500 CDN nodes in China and across the world, with a total bandwidth of over 600GBps. It is able for over 800,000 audience to have smooth playback without buffering at the same time;
  2. Fast technical respond — The technical team of POLYV is able to respond within hours for the demands of customization from the clients;
  3. Customer Services — POLYV has 7×24 customer service, providing profesional, one-on-one support within minutes from your request.

With “Stable, Safe, Speedy” in mind, POLYV gains lots of reputation in the industry. That’s why POLYV has been steadily growing into one of China’s largest video platforms and top video hosting services for business.

The service infrastructure of POLYV

If you dig deep into POLYV‘s video service, you will find it serves in three different layers — PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and DaaS (Data as a Service).


PaaS layer includes platform of video hosting, processing, database setup and cloud storage, managing the process of transfer, convert and storage. It is capable for users to upload videos up to 10 MBps, with resumable transfer from web, API, plug-ins or clients, in various formats. It also supports batch uploading or fetching videos from the server.

And regarding the converting process, POLYV is capable for 1000 encoding or decoding simutaneously, and exporting into 3 different resolutions (standard, high and ultra high). Currently POLYV has a total of 15 Petabytes for the storage of uploaded videos and their multiple redundant backups, and is able to expand without limit.

SaaS layer includes services of video playback and live streaming via PC or WeChat, and is ready for different situation in the industry of online eduation.

At this level, POLYV provides 6 major features within its video application, including exclusively designed media player, audience interaction, PlaySafe™ DRM, integrated marketing, video analytics and API/SDK development.

These features are available in various combinations for specialized teaching and different types of training, such as language study, daycare, study abroad, certification, professional skills and K-12.

Among the features, audience interaction significantly improves the experience of learning. PlaySafe™, the patented digital rights management solution, provides a series of encryption methods such as distributive encoding, VRM 5.0 encryption, fragmentation transcoding and hybrid encryption, to keep the videos safe from illegal downloads; besides, other protective features like domain list and ID marquee, can also help to make the content well secured.

DaaS layer can efficiently solve problems during use by analyzing the data of user’s behaviors and habits, as well as evaluating the result of study and the quality of learning materials, from over 100 million logs daily, which is valuable support for organizations and enterprises to make decisions on their operation. In the near future, the DaaS layer will benefit over 20,000 companies and organizations, as well as hundreds of millions of audience.

Business livestreams: the demands and requirements

Livestream is getting more and more popular nowadays, and even small business owners would like to use their smartphones or camcorders to stream their events or corporate trainings, because it is a good way to boost the engagement with the audience.

But, what kind of features are needed for the business livestreams?

For big events like SXSW and PAX, and press conferences like Google or Apple’s new product release, it is very common to have millions of audience watch the livestream at the same time, which means the livestream network should be able to handle a large number of concurrent connections. A set of CDNs, or Content Delivery Networks is the best solution for this.

And for internal events or corporate training, since the streaming content should only be accessed within specific groups or domains, and not allowed to be watched outside the company or other people. That suggests the livestream application requires a series of RAM, or Rights Access Management.

POLYV, China’s largest online video platform for business, has the solution for both scenes – their Cloud Streaming service has over 500 CDN nodes across the world, which provide high capacity for connections and are able to withstand high-concurrent surge, making the livestream stable and deliver with low latency; what’s more, with the patented PlaySafe™ Digital Rights Management, Cloud Streaming can securely deliver the internal contents without being leaked to unwanted audience.

Livestream is a new way to connect businesses and their clients and audience. But to make it more engaged and approaching, it is better to choose a livestream service with good CDNs and rights access managements.

POLYV – Your video platform for business


If you are looking for a video cloud service or video platform for business, POLYV is the one that fits you most.

Established by Guangzhou Easyfun Information Technology in 2012, POLYV has been focusing on video solutions for online education and enterprise. Over the years, POLYV has developed a series of CDN in order to provide smooth, high-quality playback experience, and increase the stability and reliability of the video platform.

Also, POLYV owns the patented PlaySafe® Ecosystem, which includes various methods of encryption, Rights Access Management (RAM) and Digital Rights Management (DRM), protecting your content from being pirated and helping you securely deliver your content with no concern.

With the leading-edge video technologies, and serving the needs from the clients, POLYV gains lots of reputation in the industry, steadily growing into one of China’s largest video platform for business.

Currently POLYV serves over 40,000 corporations and organizations across the world, including domestic clients like CCTV, SF Express, Peking University, Xingshuai Education, DJI, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank) and MedCare, as well as international corporations and organizations like Dell, Oracle, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances (BSH), Fujifilm, NIO electric car, A. O. Smith, Colgate, J. D. Power and Linkedin.


POLYV provides Video Cloud for video hosting, online classroom, corporate training and branding; Streaming Cloud for livestream, event broadcast and other business use. Besides, POLYV provides extensive, customizable cloud services, including Classroom Cloud and Private Cloud, to fulfill the demands for specific scenarios or industries.

POLYV – Your stable, safe, speedy video platform for business.

If you have any need for online video service, feel free to leave your message down below and we’ll contact you right away.